IMG_2270Three nights ago—on Sunday—I suddenly awoke in a panic. I had diligently made sure that my car insurance, which comes due July 28th, would be paid on time and would cover all fifty states. I never thought to ask about Canada. Sweat seeping out of every pore, I checked my policy, which I had brought with me, and sure enough it covered Canada. Sigh of relief. Then a hasty look on the internet revealed I needed an extra card proving this insurance. An early Monday phone call to my insurance agent was promptly answered and the response was, you no longer need one. Bigger sigh of relief. As I put the phone down, I suddenly thought, but what about Medicare? Cristal’s UN insurance was still operative and valid throughout the world, but me? To the internet again, and to my horror discovered Medicare doesn’t cross the border. Off I went on an internet search to get travel insurance. That was swiftly accomplished. Then Cristal asked, what about our phones? Is Canada a foreign country as far as Verizon is concerned? It is! Of course it is; if Verizon can get an extra buck out of you, it will. So, global data plan added on. And, at that point I had to ask myself, how could someone as well-traveled as I be such a total idiot?

The answer seems to be that somehow Canada doesn’t seem foreign. As I said yesterday, for the most part they speak English. They have the same shops and malls along the roads and everything, when you’re sitting in NY and planning, just doesn’t seem foreign the way, maybe, going into Mexico seems. But look again! IMG_2271The roads are marked in kilometers, temperature is measured in Centigrade, and the money…what is this plastic see-through stuff and the funny coins with the Queen on them? Forgive me, Canada: you’re not an extension of the USA even if your television seems to have more of our news than yours.IMG_2269

We are on Manitoulin Island, no thanks to Betty who wanted to get us here by a scenic route of gravel back roads. I think she knew full-well we dare not use Hilary because of the costly data plan.

4 responses to “O CANADA! O CANADA!

  1. Do your “fans” know who Hilary is? I had to read twice – surely Hilary Clinton didn’t take over my place in the back seat????? EEEuuwwww!


    • I did explain in an earlier post that Hilary was Cristal’s Google maps GPS. And I don’t want to get political here, but if Hilary C. was in my back seat it would sure beat having Trump there! Since you’re a Texan, I won’t discuss Jed Bush…:-)


  2. I didn’t even know my cell phone needed a plan in order to travel to Canada and on my Alaskan cruise! When the whopping cell phone bill arrived after my return, I had learned my lesson well — international travel plan for cell phone next time! So glad you thought of doing this sooner than later, and so glad to hear of these type of “adventures” to keep your readers reading 🙂


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