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My Baby Has Arrived

Writing a book is like having a baby–the only real difference is that there is more struggle in the conception of a book.  And once the book is handed over to a publisher, a midwife willing to help you bring forth your cherished creation, there are months of editing as the baby moves towards taking its final shape.  There are months of waiting as other people do what they must to make sure the baby is healthy, months of trying to get on with your normal life, write the next great opus, and continue to wait while kindly friends and relatives politely ask—this time without patting your stomach—how you’re doing. What they really mean is, what’s taking so long?  And long it is:  the months pass; you make the preparations for the baby’s arrival.  In the case of the book, you blog like hell, get your name out in the social media, build a platform and wait some more. Continue reading