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IMG_2402IMG_2400Some years back there was a campaign for good food and healthy eating with the slogan, “You Are What You Eat.” In fact, it started as a television series in the UK and spread from there. It’s an adage I’ve tried to follow, but obviously, when traveling, it’s far more difficult than at other times.

Here in the Finger Lakes, as I’ve been saying, life pretty much revolves around food production and wineries. There’s a good-sized Amish and Mennonite community whose pristine farms line the roads with cabbages, corn and other vegetables. FullSizeRender-17We started our outings today with one of the markets they attend, and ogled the variety. After that, we went on to a “Garlic Festival’ at one of the wineries, an event brimming with oils and vinegars to buy in flavors you’d never think of, honeys of every variety, and, needless to say, real garlic—not the store-bought stuff that’s virtually tasteless, but garlic that sings and zings in your mouth. No “EEEE-uwwwws” here, please; this was delicious stuff. And finally, we ended the day with a ‘wine walk’ in the town of Canandaigua, going from shop to shop, tasting wines and cheeses, cookies and dips.IMG_2405

But one man’s meat is another man’s poison, as the saying goes. Here at our B and B the day starts with what the innkeeper obviously views as a gourmet breakfast. This morning this consisted of tea, mango juice and pure grape juice shots (nothing like Welch’s). There was a gigantic blueberry muffin waiting on our plates as we sat down, swiftly followed by peaches on whipped feta IMG_2399atop bruschetta with a balsamic reduction. Before the last bite was down, blueberry pancakes were staring us in the eye with two rashers of bacon, baked with a sprinkle of sugar and walnuts. Finally, with hardly a second to spare, a mound of sliced strawberries sitting on a split scone sat in front of us, pretty as a picture. I won’t describe yesterday’s breakfast in such detail, but I will tell you it ended with wine ice cream on chocolate cookies.

If I am what I eat, I dread to think exactly what I am.IMG_0981


DAY 1/282 MILES/454 KM  IMG_0046When I was a young child, road-trips with my parents always seemed to start on the New Jersey Turnpike. Those trips basically consisted of overcoming shortcomings with our family car—a radiator that invariably overheated, as well as suspension that made me carsick—and being amused by Burma Shave signs. They also entailed lunch stops at Howard Johnson’s restaurant, which meant, for me, a desert of hot fudge sauce on ice cream roll.

Today’s first day, driving to Lancaster, PA, home of the Amish community in the US, involved nothing like that. What was once green belt around the turnpike with views of farmland has turned into one huge conurbation that stretches almost into the confines of the Amish farming community. And as the grey of threatening weather added little to the sense of getting out into the country, I could not lose the feeling that time and man had encroached on something once charming.

Cristal moving luggage

Cristal moving luggage

Having said that, I am happy to be here in Lancaster, PA, on the first day of our trip. The day went without mishap and had a number of laughs—not least of which was us trying to get our seven weeks of luggage up to our room. We just were too elated not to have the restrictions of an airline. Added to that is the wonder that a sect of people can maintain their own restrictions on

A fill-up at the pumps?

A fill-up at the pumps?

lifestyle in this day and age. But more on that later…