An Interview with Kristy McCaffrey

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristy McCaffrey when she recently visited New York, and I can tell you there is very little she doesn’t know about publishing, promoting and, most especially, writing a dang good book. Kristy writes historical western romances set in the American southwest. She and her husband dwell in the Arizona desert with two chocolate labs named Ranger and Lily, and whichever of their four children that are in residence. Kristy believes life should be lived with curiosity, compassion, and gratitude, and one should never be far from the enthusiasm of a dog. She also likes sleeping-in, eating Mexican food, and doing yoga at home in her pajamas.


How did you get started writing?       I’ve always written. It’s been a lifelong compulsion for me. But I didn’t get serious until I was a stay-at-home with four young children underfoot.

What genre do you write and why?     Until now, I’ve only written historical western romances. I grew up in Arizona, so I suppose the Wild West seeped into my psyche at a young age. Blue Sage is my first contemporary western, and it was a lot of fun to write a more modern-day tale. I’ve also been working on a contemporary adventure romance series that I plan to begin releasing near the end of 2017. These will feature marine biologists, high-altitude mountain climbers, and archaeologists. I love high-adventure and have always wanted to write about people who are driven and passionate about their pursuits, so I’m really excited to launch these books.

What is your favorite part of writing?     Definitely when the first deep editing pass has been completed. That’s the point at which I finally have a viable story and I stop feeling so anxious.

What is your least favorite part of writing?     The never-ending moments in the first draft when I wonder where the story is going and if I’ll be able to pull the whole thing off.

Do you have any words of inspiration for aspiring authors?     Keep going. It sounds cliché, but you truly learn by doing. It doesn’t seem like writing should be that hard, but it takes skill to work with words and imagery. I’m constantly learning new things. I really love it. You’ll know if you’re not meant to be a writer because the tediousness of it will easily drive you away. But if it doesn’t, then you’ve found your passion and your tribe.

In your new release, Blue Sage, what sets your heroine Audrey Driggs apart from all the other women in your hero’s (Braden Delaney) life? Why is she perfect for him?      Audrey is a dreamer and Braden needs that in his life. He offers stability and a solid connection to the earth, and she lets him know that whimsy and magic are very real. I think they suit each other well and I really enjoyed writing their story.


Blue Sage Blurb

Braden Delaney has taken over the family cattle business after the death of his father, but faced with difficult financial decisions, he contemplates selling a portion of the massive Delaney ranch holdings known as Whisper Rock, a place of unusual occurrences. Archaeologist Audrey Driggs has come to the remote wilderness of Northern Arizona for clues to a life-altering experience from her childhood. Together, they’ll uncover a long-lost secret.

Blue Sage Excerpt

There was no trail. They plodded a haphazard course through pinyon pines, overgrown bushes, and rock-strewn terrain, and several times Audrey turned to look behind them to make certain she recognized the makeshift trail so they could get back to the horses and Stevie. But Braden didn’t seem concerned.

From the distance, a muffled cackling sound echoed back to them. Audrey scanned the sky, expecting to see the ravens that had passed by already, but the birds didn’t reappear. Instead, the honking and bird chatter increased as she and Braden continued forward.

When it had finally become a cacophony of squawking, Braden halted and looked back at her, his face set in a frown. From the deafening volume of the chattering birds, it had to be a huge gathering.

Braden waited until Audrey stopped beside him.

“Do you think something’s dead up ahead?” she asked. It might explain such a large gathering of birds who routinely dined on roadkill.

Braden squinted. “I don’t know why all these birds are here, but I should tell you that this place has always had a strange energy to it.”

I know. “Strange how?”

“You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but it feels tilted here.”

 Interesting explanation.

She sensed that Braden was a down-to-the-earth kind of man, a cowboy who lived his life with decency and respect. She doubted he was prone to flights of fancy, and he seemed uncomfortable sharing his thoughts on this place.

“Are we talking woo-woo stuff?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

He scoffed. “Look, I don’t know about flying saucers and Martians from outer space, but this place is strange, and you’re looking for areas that are off, right? That might harbor artifacts or some clue to other civilizations? I just wanted to warn you. Honestly, this could all be nothing.”

She grinned. “You’ve totally peaked my interest. We have to check it out now.” She started to move toward the bird sounds but then turned back. “And I don’t think you’re crazy, Delaney. In fact, you’re beginning to grow on me.”

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BLUE SAGE by Kristy McCaffrey

Braden Delaney has taken over the family cattle business after the death of his father, but faced with difficult financial decisions, he contemplates selling a portion of the massive Delaney ranch holdings known as Whisper Rock, a place of unusual occurrences. Archaeologist Audrey Driggs arrives in the remote wilderness of Northern Arizona searching for clues to a life-altering experience from her childhood. Together, they’ll uncover a long-lost secret.


Addison Reed’s stock is coming up short. Unfortunately, she suspects her foreman and dearest friend may be the person responsible for the missing cattle. For Sawyer Dawson, Hardin, Montana, is nothing more than a pit stop before moving on to bigger and better things. After a surprise kiss leads to helping a damsel in distress, he starts to question his drifter ways.

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6 responses to “An Interview with Kristy McCaffrey

  1. Andi,
    You’re so lovely!! Thanks for hosting me today. It was wonderful to meet you and have so enjoyed working with you on this anthology. Hope you’re writing that next fabulous story!!!!


  2. Hi Andi and Kristy. Your thoughts on your writing process really resonant with me. Well, said! The anxiety of the first draft, the satisfaction after a deep edit. Good luck with your future project! I enjoyed your story in this anthology: your craftsmanship showed. Great working with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Patti,
    Thanks so much! I loved your story as well!! It’s been great fun working with all you wonderful gals.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Kristy and Andi,
    Loved hearing about Kristy’s process, sounds like she faces a lot of the same demons we all do when writing. I’m just happy when I get the first set of words on the page, knowing I can go back and edit, and edit, and edit… I can’t wait to read Kristy’s next set of books with high adventure in them, they sound fascinating! Things I would love to read about, but I would never dream of doing. And I loved “Blue Sage,” too, especially the unique paranormal aspect of it.


  5. Somehow it seems so refreshing to read that a mom with four kids underfoot has the inspiration to find the time to put words on paper. It makes me realize I am blessed and need to skip the mental whining about interruptions that life throws my way.


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