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Photofor bokkorblogJulie A. D’Arcy was born in Bendigo, Australia in 1957.   She began writing her first novel in 1994.

Julie is an author of seven full length novels, and three novellas, and a short story, with two more works in progress. Her genres include Fantasy, Fantasy romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Ghost, Witch, Vampire romance and Erotica Romance and an M/M. Romance.

Julie’s first published novel won the 1999 Dorothy Parker RIO Award for Women’s fiction. The same novel and her second were nominated and shortlisted for  several other prestigious Awards, including the Australian RWA R*uby Award (Australian), and in the U.S.A,  the P.E.A.R.L. Award for Paranormal fiction and the  SAPPHIRE Award for Science Fiction.

Julie has written for publishers such as ImaJinn books, Mundania Press, Moongypsy Press, Eternal Press, Noble Romance Publishing LLC, Secret Cravings Publishing, and is now writing for I Heart Book Publishing, LLC, and indi publishing.

Her novella, The Shape of Destiny, is part of the Come Love a Cowboy anthology.

A handsome shape-shifter. A beautiful ranch owner. Can love be born in a web of deceit?shape of destiny



“So you’re glad you came?” Shannon rose to clear the table, scraped the dishes, and stacked them in the sink. “The sooner we get this cleaned up, the sooner I can show you the spreadsheets.”

“You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

She tossed a laugh over her shoulder. “You’re in a good mood.”

“And why shouldn’t I be? What could be better than a good meal and a beautiful woman to share it?”

Shannon concentrated on running the water for the dishes, a blush heating her cheeks, but the scrape of a chair made her turn. He walked toward her. “What are you doing?”

She took in the sensual slant of his lips, the intense look in his eyes, and knew the moment she’d longed for was coming.

“I think it is about time, don’t you?”

“For what?” Her words escaped on a whisper.

“For this.” His arms came around and drew her close, his mouth claiming hers, his hands slipping down her back to clutch her bottom.

“He tasted of the chardonnay they’d had for dinner and smelled of the lemon soap from the shower in the bunkhouse. He deepened the kiss, his tongue slipped into her mouth, and her insides melted. The muscles in his shoulders tensed under her hands as he picked her up and swung around to sit her on the end of the oak table she’d cleared. His gaze met hers and held as he slipped free the top button of her shirt.

Finding she had no voice, she nodded. She’d only been with one other man and he’d been a boy at college.

The second button popped open and then the next. Cole was a man in every sense of the word.

He took her lips in a deep languid kiss that kindled an ache in the pit of her stomach, and he found the small pulse in her neck. Her hands slid through his thick dark hair; his lips trailed small kisses down the side of her throat. The strap of her bra slipped from her shoulder as he laid her back on the table and reached for the buckle of her belt, pulling it free. Next came her boots and the fastening of her shorts….

You can find out more about Julie A. D’Arcy at:

Web Page: http://www.julieadarcy.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JulieDarcy57

Blog at WordPress: https://julieadarcy.wordpress.com/

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Amazon Author Page: www.amzn.to/1Qx7RMi


9 responses to “Julie A. D’Arcy-The Shape of Destiny

  1. Reblogged this on Words, Words, Words and commented:
    Check out Julie D’Arcy’s novella The Shape of Destiny, available as part of the Come Love a Cowboy Collection!


  2. The shape-shifter was a good addition to Come Love a Cowboy. I was excited to see that.


  3. I was excited to see there was a shape-shifter thrown into the mix of Come Love a Cowboy!


  4. Howdy Julie and Andi,

    I think The Shape of Destiny is a great addition to Come Love A Cowboy. I mean, who doesn’t like shifter and cowboy stories?

    Julie’s cover is awesome (me thinks it’s because she’s a cover artist).
    Hope everyone who reads the boxed set enjoys all the stories,

    Best, Keta Diablo


  5. Great book, Julie, really enjoyed reading it!


  6. Your cover is so nice, Julie. I enjoyed the story, too. Wishing you continued success.


  7. Whoa! Certainly a steamy excerpt. I have Come Love a Cowboy on my Kindle, but hadn’t read that story yet. Always nice to know I have one left to enjoy.


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