There we were, taking the long way—the scenic route—down from Canandaigua to Rhinebeck, tooling along pleasantly through the glorious Catskill Mountains, when a speeding car whizzed past us practically slamming into another vehicle, who just managed to slip into the right hand lane directly in front of us. Had the speeding vehicle hit the other car, it would surely have spun around in front of us including us in the crash. Cristal and I were both shaken by the incident, but remain in fine fettle. What the occupants of the nearly-missed car were like, I dread to think.

IMG_1031The Catskills, after the Rockies and the Tetons, are mere hills, but green ones at that, thick with trees, bisected with rivers, dotted with old towns. We took a detour to visit an old hotel at which I had had several vacations as a child. It has just undergone a name change along with its twenty million dollar makeover, but looked pretty much the same. It strikes me now as something from another time, another era, and it wouldn’t appeal to me to stay there now. Its sister hotel, on the other hand, right next door, is in gloomy decadence, rather like an old southern mansion that has been left to decay.IMG_1035

So here we are in our last home away from home, a small chalet-type house in Rhinebeck, in the Hudson Valley. Compared to other houses we’ve rented over the past weeks, and homes we’ve stayed in as B and Bs, it somewhat misses the mark. We found the beds unmade, a single toilet roll at 2/3 use, which we’ll have to replace, air con only in the bedrooms—insufficient at 85 degrees—and, worst of all, Cristal’s ‘room’ was the chalet attic, boiling hot with no shades on the windows. We have duly moved her mattress and bedding down to my room. I’m not sure if we’re ‘spoiled’ travellers; we discussed this earlier today, wondering about our expectations. As Cristal is currently unable to find mugs for our evening tea, I don’t really think our expectations are too high.


8 responses to “HITS AND (NEAR) MISSES

  1. Leave no tip at this place…no excuse for such poor management ( I watch Hotel Impossible, at times…I know!) Hard to come to the end of a trip…but home is where the heart is…I’m sure you’ll be glad to get back! Glad you had a wonderful trip!


    • It’s not a hotel, Rolynn, its a house rental so no tip anyway, but will give it a bad write-up if I get a chance on Trip Advisor. Yes, coming to the end, the mind goes forward to what awaits us at home but we still have 2 days to look forward to, with some good places to see ahead.


  2. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    I would agree, your expectations are not too high.

    Glad there was no accident. Here’s to a safe return home. In the meantime, it has been fun taking the vacation with you. Doris


  3. I’ve had fun “following” your journey and know you will have a number of stories to embellish your writing – a gift from the travel gods.


    • Glad you’ve come long, Judith–the support has been most welcome. Certainly there are places I ‘d love to get back to as background for books. Even here, visiting Hyde Park tomorrow, should be inspiration.


  4. What a great pair of forward thinkers you and Cristal are…. To move Cristal’s mattress downstairs. Not to worry…you are on the home stretch now.


    • We have been trying to decide the Downing Road-trip Awards–this place is definitely not in the running! Winners (including Best Traveling Companion) will be announced over the weekend.


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