We have left the West behind, crossing the Mississippi at Minneapolis/St. Paul, losing the broad vistas of prairie and sky. I feel like a building block has been taken out of my being, but I know I shall be able to return in the autumn.

When Betty—our GPS—finally unraveled the maze of concrete around Mall of America, we entered Wisconsin, a state I thought I’d never see. What a surprise! A cloudless sky complemented shades of green with farm upon farm in a manicured landscape, candy box houses made castles by the turrets of silos.

Our road to Munising, Michigan, from where I write, followed Lake MichiganFullSizeRender-13 before crossing at the very top to Lake Superior. Munising is another place I’d never heard of prior to this trip. When Cristal was 11, we had sent her to Interlochen Music Camp near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. My husband and I spent some time in Traverse City, but with a looming divorce, it was not a pleasant visit, and I remember little, other than the height of the signs to allow for heavy snows and the plethora of craft and book shops, also, presumably, allowing for snow. Today’s road trip, our longest mileage of the entire journey (thankfully with lovely short spurts ahead in the coming days) didn’t give us much time for taking in the view, but what we did see and discover has got us unraveling some mysteries. There was also confusion over the time zone: while Wisconsin is still in Central time, Michigan—the part directly above Wisconsin—is in Eastern.

It’s been a long day and we are about to enjoy pizza and our lovely view of the lake. I promise more to come tomorrow.IMG_0822

8 responses to “EASTERN PROMISE

  1. Now you’re in my midwest. Went to college in Northfield, Minnesota (St. Olaf) and lived 4 years in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Uffda! My sis has always lived in Janesville, Wisconsin and I visit at least once a year! Yup, lots of lakes and flat land!


    • When talking of great distances, my father, bless him, always used to say it was ‘from here to Oshkosh.’ I always wondered where Oshkosh was when growing up, as exotic as Timbuctoo to me. Then, when I had Cristal, Oshkosh children’s clothing was in fashion and I discovered it actually existed–in Wisconsin. This heartland does seem to be going well, if the farms we saw are anything to judge by.


  2. This is why I love your writing so much….”candy box houses made castles by the turrets of silos” so descriptive, original and paints the scene for me. Loving this journey.


  3. Ahhhh. Missing the adventure. tt


    • And we’re missing you kiddo. I have to say, however, you probably would’t be too sad at having missed the mossies today; I’ve been bitten badly despite the DEET.


  4. You are in my growing up place and the pictures are reminiscent of happy years: snowy winters tolerated, green springs appreciated, summer sprinklers to run through, fall colors the best. Too bad your stay is so brief. You have just a teaspoon taste of Minnesota.


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