I hate good-byes. Oh, you know, not the kind of good-bye with a ‘see ya tomorrow’ or the polite good-bye with a ‘thanks’ to someone you don’t really know, as in a shop. But that real goodbye when you know you’re not going to see someone for a while, and you’re genuinely going to miss their company.

We had a very early start today to make sure to get Karen to Minneapolis/St. Paul airport in time for her flight. We pulled up amongst the taxis, limos and family cars dropping people, a hodgepodge of parking and unloading luggage, not an arena that permits a long, drawn-out farewell. In this case, it was probably a good thing. What can you say after a week’s adventures that we all (hopefully all!) enjoyed so much?

Cristal and I proceeded on a few feet to a motel in Bloomington at Mall of America. The last time I was here, many, many years ago, we were breaking up flights back to the UK after visiting a favorite ranch in Tucson. It was Easter-time, and in Tucson the temperatures were up around 90. As our plane descended into MSP, the captain announced to his passengers, many of whom were still in shorts, that the local temperature was 14 degrees. Headed back to temperate England, we had no hats, gloves, scarves, or suitable coats. It was all so unexpected.

Here in the generic motel room with its veneered furnishings and anticipated fittings, we unpacked Karen’s Mogen David wine that helps her get to sleep at night. That was unexpected, too, but gave us a happy reminder of her presence on the trip.IMG_2195




6 responses to “FARE THEE WELL, TINY TEXAN

  1. I have an apron from the local kitchen store emblazoned with a picture of a half full wine glass and a quote: “Friends don’t let friends drink white zinfandel.” Mogen David concord could probably be substituted.


    • I have explained to Karen that Mogen David is pretty much strictly for Passover and left out for Elijah to drink–i.e., it isn’t drunk at all! Read her comment for her reasons for drinking the stuff.


  2. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

    Ahhhhh. I’d wondered when you two would discover my MD?!? As I explained, my Arcadian French grandmother swore by the stuff. Since half the women in that branch of my family tree suffer from insomnia….we all keep a bottle on hand. One quarter cup is all it takes. BYW: It is also great to drizzle over chopped up fresh fruit or ice cream – any kind of both, your favs.

    Yes, my beloved road companions….good-byes are hard. Lucky for us it had to be quick else I’m sure tears would’ve flowed…..no matter what Paul Colt says about our “hardened ways.” (Winking at you Paul.)


  3. Is Mogen David even wine, she asks from deep in the heart of Sonoma Wine Countyr????


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