IMG_2086 I’m going to attempt to write a reasonably sensible short piece while consuming some red wine which is being decanted from an item resembling an IV bag. This is what happens when the Tiny Texan arrives.

Cristal and I dashed from Yellowstone to try to reach Cody Airport by 12.30 noon. The road windsIMG_0740 through some of the most spectacular landscape in the country, Shoshone National Forest and Buffalo Bill State Park included. Karen Casey Fitzjerrell was due in from Texas via SLC, and there was a full day of sightseeing ahead of us. But then one of those awful airline fiascos happened: Delta was offering ‘someone’ on their flight $1300 to get bumped. We advised Tiny to take the money and run but, no, Tiny told us some things were more important than money. I say, friends like that money can’t buy.


Karen Casey Fitzjerrell at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Karen Casey Fitzjerrell at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

So here we are after an afternoon spent in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, set for a week in which the three of us will plow on to new adventures.

OK Tiny, now pass the booze….IMG_2076


  1. I’ve consumed many bladders of wine on our boat (glass bottles take too much room and are to heavy…and are hard to get rid of!). Anyway, bags of wine can be good, Andi…don’t go snobby on me! Glad you’re having fun with Buff. Bill and others!


  2. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    Oh do have fun, which I know you will. Friends like that are priceless. Doris


  3. Welcome aboard the Cristal-Andi express, Karen. I expect the adventures will get even more enticing and exciting with you along for the ride….


  4. I’m heaving a deep sigh… Oh my… Wish I were there.


  5. WOW. What wild time getting here, Cody Wy. Where the views are wide and far. Now if I can keep these New Yorkers on track, it’ll be a miracle. —It was wonderful to hug you pal and to meet your beautiful daughter for the first time – though we’ve visited on Skype many times. Thanks for picking me up and for sharing this short leg of your journey across the west.


  6. The Cody police called. . . They want their squad car back.

    Have fun banditos or banditas or whatever I’m supposed to call your posse.


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