FullSizeRender-4Way back when I was a child, there was a series I watched called ‘Rin Tin Tin.’   I recall an episode depicting a buffalo stampede about to crush the child star, Rusty, when suddenly a white buffalo appears on the hill and all action grinds to an immediate halt. Well, nowadays it doesn’t take a white buffalo. Any old buffalo will do. I know because the stampede of tourists to Yellowstone Park ground to a halt today for about an hour at the appearance of buffalo.

I was told recently that if you no longer stopped a car to photograph the moose inIMG_2038 Jackson, that’s when you were no longer a tourist. I may be nearing that point, although the abundance of wildlife out here still enthralls me. Luckily for us, we decided not to try to make Mammoth Hot Springs because just going the seventeen miles up to Canyon Lodge, past Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Artist’s Point, Inspiration Point, the Mud Volcano and the Sulphur Caldron, AND Upper and Lower Falls, took us almost three hours—that did include photo stops, but still…IMG_2054

And then there was the interesting incident of the buffalo herd crossing the road, when one decided not to cross after all, but came straight down the lane to check out Cristal’s lovely blue nail color. Up close and personal.IMG_2041



7 responses to “BUFFALO GIRLS

  1. What an adventure! There’s something spectacular about buffalo, though. And I’m impressed you remember that particular episode of Rin Tin Tin! Safe travels ahead. Onward…


  2. I don’t think you can roller-skate in a buffalo herd. The blue nail polish is a new concept. Glad you are having fun! Rolynn


  3. In the old days a long line of stopped cars in Yellowstone meant the bears were trying to smooch off the tourists. Once we stayed in one of those tiny cabins where one can see the stars through the cracks in the ceiling and a Mama bear with two cubs hung around as if they were personal guardians of this particular cabin. No we didn’t feed them, although we saw some people in other places in the park who did. I know the bears had to go, but Yellowstone to me was never the same without them. Went to KS City today for Ron’s checkup, ten hours on the road (going and coming home again), two hours in the clinic. Test results in a few days. Happy Trails!


    • I hope Rons results are good. You guys are used to driving those long distances I guess. I don’t mind distance driving but I do get impatient at blockages. We saw two bears yesterday but of course they no longer come close as you describe


  4. Even though the buffalo look like big furry animals, they have some hidden agendas including the need to protect “my woman” or maybe a whole herd of “women”. Glad you stayed in your vehicle.


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