You may have noticed that we haven’t done a whole lot of sightseeing while here in the Tetons. It isn’t a case of ‘been there, done that’ because my fascination with this landscape and its history seems to never be satisfied. But our stay in Jackson was always meant to be our pit stop, our R & R before turning around and heading east–on to whatever new adventures await us on the return journey via a different route. I knew, as well, that we’d be fighting crowds, and that my enjoyment of places I love would be tarnished by the hordes of people. When I return in Oct., I’ll most likely have the place pretty much to myself, and you can’t ask more than that.

Whether, in actual fact, we’ve had the R & R we wanted is somewhat debatable. The longed for late lie-ins were cut short by noisy neighbors off on their own agenda of sightseeing—and who can blame them for wanting an early start to cram as much as possible into their day? There also seems to have been endless errands to run, everything from going to the car wash to taking jewelry in to be fixed and what seems like nonstop laundry so that we have all clean clothes to at least start part two. As someone who is used to having dry cleaning picked up and delivered, and doing my shopping via keyboard for delivery right into my kitchen, it has also seemed to me that a load of time has gone to driving to Albertson’s, finding parking, going down the aisles, through check-out, loading the car, hauling groceries up the steps and unloading them in the kitchen.

But to be honest, even if I never again got into the national park itself, the drive from Jackson down to Wilson on Rte. 22 is so breathtaking, it has revived us pretty well and we’re ready to go. Apologies that, from a moving car, it’s difficult to capture the panorama of Jackson Hole on this road. Nothing can do it justice.IMG_2025

8 responses to “LAST DAY IN JACKSON

  1. Ah yes….that gorgeous trip to buy groceries!


  2. Glad you shared some of your errand-running (ah, yes, Albertson’s!) with us during your pit stop in Jackson; the memories and the activities you wrote about were wonderful to read. I’m excited to hear about your new adventures as you embark on your trek eastward, via a different route…


    • Yes, stay tuned, as they say. The route, which we call ‘the northern route,’ dips into Canada for a bit to places I’d never even heard of prior to working this out.


  3. Hard to believe you are turning back already. Seems like you barely began the trip a few days ago…to me, that is. Happy trails…….


    • It’s already 27 nights, Arletta: if you find it hard to believe, imagine what it’s like for us. Months of planning and looking forward to so many different places, now past history! Tonight we are pretty much at the half-way mark with some 28 nights to go. Yellowstone tomorrow!

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  4. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    Glad you had a short respite, but those endless errands, how they get inthe way. Have a safe and fun journey back. The West will see you in October. Doris


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