Stage at The Grand Ol' Opry

Stage at The Grand Ol’ Opry

Today there was a culture clash with a visit to The Grand Ol’ Opry in the morning, followed by the Belle Meade Plantation in the afternoon. Standing in the hallowed halls of country music’s Mecca, one got a momentary glimpse into what it is like to reach the pinnacle of your profession and have your dearest dream come true.

1 of numerous dressing rooms at The Opry

1 of numerous dressing rooms at The Opry

At Belle Meade, where 136 people were enslaved, one also got a glimpse of dreams coming true—the dream of emancipation. Tonight we’re dining in a building that combines ancient with modern, if I can stretch the comparison a bit. Modern cuisine in a building where Andrew Jackson was married, and which also served as a station on the Underground Railway.

Slave Quarters at the plantation

Slave Quarters at the plantation

Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade Plantation

2 responses to “A TALE OF TWO CULTURES

  1. Andi, The travel-log is great. Thanks! Our ‘Betty’ Wanda leads us off to Lubbock today. Check my convention FB post next week. You may recognize a couple of the authors I mention. . .
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paul-Colt/2 10830228942018


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