On the day after nine people have been senselessly slaughtered for no other reason than the color of their skin, it’s difficult to write about my enthusiasm for being in Nashville, Music City. A couple of days ago I wrote about our visit to the Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC, and implied the South still had a way to go; little did I know how prescient my words would be.

This particular southern city—Nashville—has churches of one denomination or another on just about every corner. It also thrives on its reputation as the home of ‘Country Music,’ a genre that has its roots not only in British folk songs but in gospel singing and other melodies of slaves. While I have absolutely no intention of tarring every southerner with one brush, it’s difficult to reconcile the continued bigotry and denigration of African Americans by some individuals with the palpable Christianity and love of this music genre.

Put it into practice, folks. It’s now or never.

Elvis Presley's gold Steinway at Country Music Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley’s gold Steinway at Country Music Hall of Fame

Dolly Parton's Manuscript of her song, 'Jolene'

Dolly Parton’s Manuscript of her song, ‘Jolene’

Wall of Gold Records at Country Music Hall of Fame

Wall of Gold Records at Country Music Hall of Fame

2 responses to “IT’S NOW OR NEVER

  1. I have been in those exact locations and recall being impressed with the many memorable, talented people who congregated in that one city. Concentrate on the positives to get through the negatives.


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