IMG_1805There’s a certain irony that Charlotte hit 99 degrees today. When Cristal and I were planning our trip, we originally included GA, LA, FL and TX, but decided against them as being too hot in June. Such is life.

The heat hasn’t stopped us, however, from enjoying our day. We chose Charlotte as a stop on the way to Nashville because my ol’ college buddy, Laurie Graybeal, and her husband, John Gresham, live here. Laurie and I see each other sporadically, although this year has been a bonus year with a catch-up in NYC as well as this visit. So, there is at least one benefit to having your friends spread around the USA.

IMG_1800Earlier in the day, Cristal and I visited the Levine Museum of the New South, a wonderful venue covering how Charlotte and the South have changed since the 1800s, from cotton to skyscrapers as they displayed. Of course, as far as civil rights are concerned, they’ve come a long way…but still have a way to go.IMG_1803

As do we, as do we…


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  1. Nice post!


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