On a day when we’ve driven 310 miles, there are no pretty pictures to share. Our aim was to get to Charlotte, NC, from whence I write, preceded by a visit to antique shops and a furniture outlet mall in the search for furnishings for Cristal’s newly renovated apartment. We’ve been successful in getting her a new mattress for her new bed, and extremely efficient in tiring ourselves just enough to enjoy a superlative dinner and bottle of wine. Lunch, however, was literally on the hoof. At a farmer’s market in some unknown town off the highway, we bought bread, cheese and fresh blackberries to gobble in a car whose temperature must have been in the high 90s. The bulletin board in the market advertised piglets, guinea hens, and chickens for sale, along with Bail Bond and Auto Body Repairs. This last did not imbue me with a great deal of confidence in my fellow drivers on the North Carolina highways…but we are safe in Charlotte

4 responses to “PIGLETS AND BAIL BOND

  1. You never know when a bail bondsman might come in handy . . .


  2. Glad to hear you’re making progress on your trip, and that you’re “noticing” more of the “local scenery.” 🙂


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