DAY 1/282 MILES/454 KM  IMG_0046When I was a young child, road-trips with my parents always seemed to start on the New Jersey Turnpike. Those trips basically consisted of overcoming shortcomings with our family car—a radiator that invariably overheated, as well as suspension that made me carsick—and being amused by Burma Shave signs. They also entailed lunch stops at Howard Johnson’s restaurant, which meant, for me, a desert of hot fudge sauce on ice cream roll.

Today’s first day, driving to Lancaster, PA, home of the Amish community in the US, involved nothing like that. What was once green belt around the turnpike with views of farmland has turned into one huge conurbation that stretches almost into the confines of the Amish farming community. And as the grey of threatening weather added little to the sense of getting out into the country, I could not lose the feeling that time and man had encroached on something once charming.

Cristal moving luggage

Cristal moving luggage

Having said that, I am happy to be here in Lancaster, PA, on the first day of our trip. The day went without mishap and had a number of laughs—not least of which was us trying to get our seven weeks of luggage up to our room. We just were too elated not to have the restrictions of an airline. Added to that is the wonder that a sect of people can maintain their own restrictions on

A fill-up at the pumps?

A fill-up at the pumps?

lifestyle in this day and age. But more on that later…


6 responses to “TWO FOR THE ROAD/

  1. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!!!! Good luck and say Hi from me to Cristal. Happy traveling my friends Love

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  2. Looks like Wagooooons Hooooaaaah! to me. What happened to the old adage “travel lite?” Laughing at you guys. tt


  3. I remember the days of Burma Shave signs and Howard Johnson’s and wide-open country. Counting cows and looking for different license plates on passing cars kept me from thinking about being carsick, too. You and Cristal certainly have begun your travels on a fine note, glimpsing new sites, and letting us hear snippets of your first day on the road. Looking forward to your next post 🙂


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